A downloadable game for Windows

V1.3 Update

  • Added a new weapon that can be dropped behind you.
  • Added tentacles!
  • Minor AI improvements.

V1.2 Update

  • Addressed quality settings, Low should run better on slower machines now.
  • Fixed broken waypoints that caused some enemy Karts to get stuck.
  • Fixed animation on necronomicons (now the rest will animate like the first).
  • Addressed super darkness in the cave, it's slightly more visible now, especially for low quality mode.
  • Gameplay has not been changed at all from the jam build other that enemies not breaking.


Eldritch Engines 1.1 (Jam Build) 28 MB
Edritch Engines 1.2 (Bug Fixes) 68 MB
Eldritch Engines 1.3 (Post Jam, do not rate!) 41 MB